Versace FW19: the return of the iconic Safety Pin

The Safety Pin is back, with premium gold finish and Medusa’s head of course. From Versace Spring/Summer 94 runway to Fall/Winter 19 fashion show. In Piazza Affari it takes the form of a huge statue, before enriching bright green sweaters and miniskirts in black leather. Like the one worn by Bella Hadid with a black leather jacket. Or the revers of tailored coats. In fact, the Versace Safety Pins marked an era of contrast: once a symbol of décor of punk apparel, the golden pin showed on the runway characterised silk evening wear for the first time. A juxtaposition of bold opposites that has since defined Versace at his core. A bit punk, a bit chic, a bit sportswear, like high-heeled sandals with ankle straps to wear with socks. In an explosion of neon colors: orange, fuchsia, yellow, green, light blue and white. Like T-shirts printed with portraits of Donatella Versace by Richard Avendon. Images, created for the launch of the fragrance Blonde in the photographer’s New York studio on February 3, 1995.

Not by chance, these catwalk looks pay tribute to Versace‘s storied relationship with fashion photography. And they are characterized by icon details: not only Safety Pins, but also crystal beaded chains, perfume bottles and obviously the Medusa’s head. On evening dresses, skirts, leather pumps and hands bags. Over the same iconic Safety Pin. Even Audrey, Donatella’s Jack Russell, makes a cute appearance in this rich collection of details and contrasts.

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